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Committed to Collaboration

Collaboration is in our nature. We believe that everyone brings something to the table that can add value rather than planning backward to value engineer a building that is ultimately a compromise. With collaboration, better buildings are easily achievable.

Whether you are a homeowner or building professional, contemplating a small renovation or a complete new build, we want to work with you.  To ensure your next building is energy efficient, healthy, inclusive and sustainable, we take a holistic, integrated approach. Traditional design processes, where builders and other experts are working in a compartmentalized linear fashion (for instance beginning with client and architect, then engineers, then builder, then trades, then interior designer) are generally incapable of delivering this multitude of goals on time and on budget. The integrated design process has a history of excelling at exactly this.  Sage Living Toronto excels in bringing together the experts and expertise required to ensure your project is a success.

This means spending more time upfront in the planning stages to empower you to understand and justify the decisions you have to make.  No matter how large or small a project, we help you to set priorities that will define your project within the larger context of your overall plans.  With clear goals come clear outcomes.

You will feel good about decisions you make about your renovation, addition or new build because those decisions will be well researched, clearly justified, and healthy for you, the environment and your budget, and therefore easy to make.

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