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We work together with you and your design and build team, bringing deep insight into current best practices in order to optimize:

  • the real potential of your site

  • the minimal impact to your site

  • the energy efficiency, performance and durability of your building

  • the right sizing of mechanical systems

  • use of potential non-renewable resources

  • water quality and quantity

  • a healthy indoor environment​


Often, people are hesitant to consider a sustainable, low-energy, healthy build because they fear it will cost much more. This may be true if “green” is considered late in the design stage and as add-on components, rather than taking a holistic integrated approach. However, our experience has shown that a sustainable build can, in fact, be done at no or minimal cost increase but result in buildings that cost substantially less to run and have less impact on the planet and the people inside them.  


The buildings we have advised on have all been able to reduce their energy consumption by at least 25%, some are award-winning buildings that use 60% less energy than the standard.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to understand how we can help you to have a better building.

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